Adventures in Candy Making

Last night, my husband and I decided to make Alton Brown’s candy corn recipe.


We have made candy before, but we are by no means seasoned experts; so we followed the recipe to a T, even breaking out the scale to measure everything by the more accurate ounce.


Candy Corn

Looks right.

Looking less right.

What we made was something… different.


I call them fail bars.

So we tried again, this time pulling the candy from the heat as soon as it started to smell wrong – wrong smelling like caramel in this situation. This happened to be at a way too early 215 degrees.


Candy Corn

Not as dark this time, that has to be a good thing.

Candy Corn

We even tried using a different thermometer.

This is less encouraging.

We worked more icing sugar into it until it formed a dough.


Candy Corn

What it should have looked like.

It turned out very sticky but tasting, and mostly looking, like candy corn.


Candy Making