Handmade Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

My favourite grocery store is currently brimming with plush roses, brightly coloured boxes of cheap chocolate-like product and, inexplicably, giant stuffed bull dogs holding hearts in their mouths that say “I woof you”, or whatever. Does anyone actually buy this stuff? I’ve always assumed these things were for 14-year-olds to give to other 14-year-olds, maybe because that’s what my middle school Valentine gave to me.

I’ve always thought that something lovingly handcrafted by your partner makes the best Valentine’s gift, but if you don’t have the time or know-how, handmade gifts from skilled artisans are a close second. Let’s leave that weird, mass-produced stuff on the shelves this year and get our Valentines something they will actually use and enjoy, like:

Handmade Valentine's Day Gift Guide \\ Sophster-Toaster

1. Plexida 2. RossLab 3. NAHINAshop 4. Pousse Pousse Citron 5. Sea & Lake 6. Sophia Victoria Joy