How to Iron Men’s Shirts

Let’s be realistic, if we didn’t iron the shirts of the men that we love, no one would. We are the only thing standing between our husbands going to work looking like a gentleman or going to work looking like a homeless man. I’m certain my husband doesn’t even know how our iron works.

Step 1: Use the heat setting recommended on the tag of the shirt. Unfold the collar with the back of the shirt up and press flat.

Step 2: Place the front right panel of the shirt on the ironing board with the shoulder placed around the curved end of the board to avoid pressing wrinkles into the shirt. Iron panel, paying special attention to any pockets and the spaces between the buttons.

Step 3: Repeat with left front panel, make sure to get the button hole panel nice and flat.

Step 4: Iron the back of the shirt, making sure the bottom edge isn’t folded over on itself and that the yoke panel is neatly pressed.

Step 5: Iron the sleeves, both sides if needed. Be careful not to run over any buttons too hard.