What I’m Working On This Week: 10/02/14

I’m finally nearing the summit of the huge pile of custom and regular orders I’ve taken in since Christmas. I was hoping to be finished everything before I leave for my birthday trip to Montreal this weekend and it looks like it might actually happen!

The Aurora Dress, is coming along. I’ve been working on it here and there between orders and on weekends. I had a sample almost done – all it needed was a hem – when I decided, rather inconveniently, that I didn’t like it. So it’s back to the drawing board.

The dress was coming out far too costume-like, which conflicted with my vision of a lovely, everyday dress for adults, inspired by the princess’ “day dress”, and far too pirate wenchy, which I’m sure would conflict with Disney’s vision of a princess. So, I’ve decided to correct these problems by straying from my more authentic reproduction approach and aiming for a unique dress with an obvious nod to Aurora. This will also help the completed dress fit in with the other dresses in my shop.

I drew up some sketches last night and I’m really liking an idea for a fitted, sleeveless dress with a contrast yoke and white collar (The loose sleeves were largely contributing to the pirate look). I’m also bringing down the neckline a bit. The hem line will remain authentic. It is sort of a mix between what Aurora would wear to class if she were real and alive today and the 1950’s vintage style of the time the movie was made. Basically, if I do this right, The Aurora Dress will have the same vintage and modern mix that I try to infuse into every dress I make.