What I’m Working On This Week: 20/01/14

I’ll be working on the big, bridesmaid dress order for most of this week. Nevertheless, I’ve bravely scheduled work on The Aurora Dress sample to begin this Friday. If fuelled by the proper ratio of tea and gummy bears, I might just have a sample to photograph and list by the weekend!

Spending all of January sewing bright coral fit and flare bridesmaid dresses, along with the occasional summer dress for ┬ámy Australian lovelies taking advantage of this month’s free shipping sale, has really helped me avoid getting bummed out by winter. I can’t help but think about new fabrics and new designs for spring dresses every time I spread the boldly coloured summer fabrics out on my cutting table. I think it might be time to order my spring fabric swatches:

For The Belle Jumper (Via Fresh Modern Fabric)

For The Belle Jumper (Via Fresh Modern Fabric)

For The Jawbreaker Dress (Via Fresh Modern Fabric)

For The Jawbreaker Dress (Via Fresh Modern Fabric)

teal swirls landscape --blue police box landscape (900 dpi)

For the yet unnamed Doctor Who dress (Via Spoonflower)

For The Belle Jumper, I’m thinking a jumper dress with a square faced neckline and a slim, tea length skirt that can be worn over a white blouse to complete the look.

The Belle Jumper Sketch

I’ve had the jawbreaker fabric on my mind since last fall but didn’t know what to do with it until I was making a Rainy Day Dress earlier this month. I think I may use a style very similar to The Rainy Day Dress, perhaps with a fuller, longer skirt – I’m all about the tea length skirt for spring. I haven’t decided which colour I’ll pull out of the fabric for the back band, but I’m leaning towards the pink.

3 4-1

I am most excited about the starry night / TARDIS fabric! I’ve been thinking about it all winter and I’ve decided I will bring back the popular Parlour Dress design using this fabric. The Dress will feature a TARDIS blue bow and sash. It will, or course, also have a fuller and longer, tea length skirt.

Ice Cream Parlour Dress from Sophster-Toaster on Etsy Bow Tie Dress from Sophster-Toaster on Etsy


Featured Items:

The Rainy Day Dress

The Parlour Dress