What I’m Working On This Week: 23/12/13

I’ll be trying to take a few days off this week to enjoy Christmas with the hubs before I start working on a big bridesmaid dress order, but it’s always so hard not to look forward to future projects at this time of year – especially with The Bacon Dress finally finished!

I’m not sure I’ve ever felt such a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction as I did the day I put the finishing touches on The Bacon Dress, a dress I’ve been working on for the past three months. I’m exceedingly happy with how it turned out. Now I just need one sunny afternoon over the holidays for my husband and I to put together a cheeky, bacony photoshoot and it will be available for order.

With Christmas nearly here, it’s time for me to start working on my bows for Valentine’s Day (one of my favourite holidays, as it usually falls on the same weekend as my birthday) before moving on to plans for the spring dresses. I’m thinking the new hair bow collection will revive the popular leopard print, solid black and black polka dot bows from last year while introducing two new bows in strawberry-milkshake-pink and glittering gold sequin.

The pink bow will be made with scrap fabric from The Milkshake Dress in Strawberry, which is how I’m able to offer my bows at such a great price.

Pink Dress from Sophster-Toaster

The Milkshake Dress in Strawberry

This week I’ll be ordering the other four fabrics and maybe even get them in time/ find the time to put together some samples!

I put the first coat of chalkboard paint on my dress form over the weekend and I’m really excited to see it finished and start using it! The rivets and rigid, corset-like shape of the dress form under the black paint give it a bit of a steampunk vibe that I hope will look really interesting when juxtaposed with my dresses. I’ve recently had the opportunity to exercise my return policy for the first time, helping a nice girl exchange her made-to-order Milkshake Dress for a different size, so I’ll have a chance to use the dress form in some listing shots for the returned dress (which will be available at a reduced price in the Sample Sale section) as soon as I’m finished it.

Featured Items:

The Milkshake Dress