What I’m Working On This Week: 27/01/14

Over the weekend, I reshot The Bacon Dress. I wasn’t happy with how the listing pictures of the troubled dress turned out the first time, but decided to run with them because the dress was already several weeks behind schedule. Like every other stage of creating The Bacon Dress, the original photoshoot was mired with problems. I came to that photoshoot armed with every idea for styling and marketing that came to me during the three months it took to get from concept to sample. Nothing worked. Feeling defeated by this dress, I took the best pictures we had and put the dress up in the shop. Over the ensuing weeks, I began working on the big bridesmaid dress order while attending a few holiday parties decked out in my new Bacon Dress. Now, something happens when you sew four identical dresses, you live several days of your life with busy hands and a quiet mind, I kept finding myself thinking about The Bacon Dress. It was an amazing dress and I received compliments every time I wore it, but I knew that first photoshoot didn’t capture everything I had worked so hard to create. My mind wandered on about how friends hadn’t realized the fabric looked like bacon until they were eating appetizers or sitting down for dinner, they needed an association with food to really see the dress. that’s when the idea struck me, I searched everywhere for pink cotton candy in the dead of winter.

#Bacon Dress | Sophster-Toaster on Etsy Bacon Dress | Sophster-ToasterBacon Dress with Peter Pan Collar

Dress: mine | Cardigan: Old Navy | Tights: ModCloth | Shoes: ModCloth

The full outfit picture was captured as part of my ongoing attempt to contribute to the ModCloth community, you can follow me in the style gallery here.

Okay, that was yesterday. This week, I’m finally, actually starting The Aurora Dress… for reals. Then it’s on to another custom dress, so The Aurora Dress will have to be my last winter dress of the season.

I’ll also be performing top secret experiments this week to formulate a Birthday Cake Brownie recipe to share in time for my birthday. I’ve got a bit of it hammered out already, I’m thinking brown butter, vanilla paste and sprinkles.

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The Bacon Dress