Matt’s Shirley Temple Recipe

My husband recently made me one of his Shirley Temples to be used as a prop in a photoshoot for one of my dresses. The tasty non-alcoholic cocktail added a splash of colour and fun to the photos, helping The Cocktail Queen Dress reach the front page of Etsy last week.
The Cocktail Queen Dress

Shirley Temple Cocktail

Although many additions and substitutions have been made to the traditional Shirley Temple since its 1930’s origins, Matt’s Shirley Temple recipe brings the classic drink back to it’s roots, using only ginger ale and grenadine.


Matt’s Shirley Temple

Half fill a tumbler with ice.
Mostly fill a tumbler with ginger ale.
Pour grenadine down side of glass so it settles at the bottom.
Add maraschino cherries for garnish.