Homemade Lunchbox Salad Kit

Last weekend, my husband and I took 40 minutes out of our Sunday to make croutons, cook bacon and rip lettuce to build enough Caesar salad kits to fill a week’s worth of lunchboxes. This was in an effort to keep me out of expensive school cafeterias and to keep my husband away from the ease of unhealthy lunches.

Homemade Salad Kit

Back to School: Best Shoes for University

I love shoes, especially pretty, cute, impractical ones, but despite attending a medium sized university, I do a lot of walking in a day. You see, my school was build in the 1960’s and, therefore, was build like a maze to aid in riot control – seriously – this, coupled with the fact that I am cheap enough to park half a kilometre further away to save a hundred dollars, equates to a rough day for my feet. However, do to a possible personality flaw, I am not willing to sacrifice my style to wear comfortable skate shoes or flip-flops everyday. For everyone else who is in the same boat as me, hopefully one that comes with a first mate who isn’t stingy with the foot rubs, here are my recommendations for back to university footwear. Continue reading