My First Wrap Dress

Black Wrap Dress

I’ve always shied away from wrap dresses. I guess I thought I didn’t have the curves to pull them off. Then I read that the wrap dress silhouette might be just the thing to perfectly accommodate both my wide, structured upper body and my soft, more lush lower half, bringing harmony to my overall look.

If done correctly, no part of my outfit should look constricted, bunched, or stretched. I should look like I have freedom to move about and my hem should fall gracefully, without the fabric getting hung up anywhere. This should bring some effortlessness to my look that is in line with my casual and creative essence.

Black Wrap Dress Black Wrap DressBlack Wrap DressBlack Wrap DressBlack Wrap Dress

Dress Rachel

Team No Fun

Team No Fun | Sophster-Toaster

My newest hand silk screened t-shirt is the Team No Fun tee! A sporty baseball tee in black and heather charcoal, this new shirt is inspired by roller derby NSO’s (non-skating officials), who wear dark colours and aren’t allowed to cheer or “have fun” while performing the essential tasks that run our games.

Having performed just some of the many things these officials do, I know how hard it is. They track players, penalties and stats, run the penalty box, time jams and periods, keep score, and keep everyone organized, all while blending into the background. We couldn’t skate without them; it’s a very important job and, in our league, these people are all volunteers! They are so crucial to our sport and community, that they form their own team: Team No Fun.

Team No Fun | Sophster-Toaster Team No Fun | Sophster-Toaster Team No Fun | Sophster-Toaster

Tee Sophster-Toaster
Glasses Warby Parker
Shoes Keds

Team No Fun | Sophster-Toaster

All photos by me.

Want to see what it takes to be an NSO, or just catch one of our bouts? Find our schedule here.

My Dog Ate It

My Dog Ate It | Sophster-Toaster

Pepper has always been quite the little troublemaker. We were lucky enough to survive both of the puppy chewing phases without too much damage to our house or anything we love. We lost most of our cardboard coasters, a few water glasses that got in the way of her forbidden coaster love, and we need to repaint some trim and windowsills but we managed to through it without her destroying anything major. The one thing she did get, however, was a book I forgot to put away one day – and it broke my heart.

My Dog Ate It | Sophster-Toaster

It wasn’t a rare or vintage book, just a pretty, hardcover copy of Jane Austen’s Emma, but I was still upset by the lost. Pepper got a hold of it while I was working upstairs, roughed the covers up pretty badly, chewed all the pages and ripped some of them out. I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away and it was in no condition to be donated to anything other than an art project.

My Dog Ate It | Sophster-Toaster

I replaced the book when I saw it on sale and held onto the destroyed version with the hope that I could use it forĀ something. The other day I finally found a project. I pulled some of the remaining pages out and taped them up in my work room to use as a backdrop for pictures. I’m really happy with how it turned out and so pleased that the book has lived on in another form.

My Dog Ate It | Sophster-Toaster My Dog Ate It | Sophster-Toaster My Dog Ate It | Sophster-Toaster My Dog Ate It | Sophster-Toaster My Dog Ate It | Sophster-Toaster My Dog Ate It | Sophster-Toaster

Jumper Mod Dolly
Sweater L.L.Bean
Nylons Target
Slippers White Noise Maker
Barrette old

All photos by me.