Fall Brew

Fall Brew | Sophster-Toaster

When the nights start to get cool, and it takes all morning for the house to warm up again, the husband and I like to spend our weekends cooking, baking and brewing tasty fall treats. Last weekend, we spent a clear and calm Sunday brewing an English brown ale that warmed up our kitchen and filled the house with the classic cheese cracker smell of steeped grains.

Fall Brew | Sophster-ToasterFall Brew | Sophster-Toaster Fall Brew | Sophster-Toaster

Matt knows a lot more about home brewing than I do. He threw together a recipe using the assortment of ingredients we had lying around, leftover from summer brewing. He weighs, measures, times, checks temperatures and makes careful calculations while I’m there for the beer, snacks and lending a hand (or making sure the dog doesn’t) when he needs one.

I can’t stand how much I love our fall weekend routine.

Fall Brew | Sophster-Toaster Fall Brew | Sophster-Toaster

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All photos by me.