Cottage Country Menu Planning II

This year we’ve got a professional chef coming with us on the annual summer cottage trip, but the menu hasn’t changed much because when asked what we should bring to the cottage, this friend of 18 years replied, “meat and fire”. I was also told that I did not bring enough bacon last year, so I’ve doubled it for this year because, hey, double the bacon, double the fun. As always, I’ve also tried to sneak as many seasonal fruits and vegetables into my friends as possible. Continue reading

Cupcakes of the Future

Being a woman of the 21st century, I am perpetually looking for ways to be better to my environment. This want is always in direct competition with the want to save money. The epic battle reached a ceasefire when I found a sale on silicon cupcake cups at my local grocery store. I was so giddy with excitement that I ran home and made chocolate cupcakes. Continue reading