Christmas at Home

This year, my husband and I will be spending the entirety of the Christmas season at home, just the two of us. This will be the third Christmas of our marriage and only the second time we have spent it in our own home. For many years before last, we would travel two hours to our hometown to stay with my wonderful mother-in-law for a few days over Christmas. My husband’s older sister would come with her husband and daughter to stay as well. It was a lovely family tradition and I was honoured to be welcomed so warmly, but with my husband and I now done University and working full time, we do not have the down time – or patience – necessary to participate in all four to seven Christmas celebrations held by every quadrant of our split and blended families. We didn’t know what to do with ourselves last year, so we invited some friends over that would also have been alone for the holidays, ordered some Chinese food and went to the movies to see Django Unchained. It was fun, but it didn’t feel right. This year we are doing things our own way, in a decidedly less rebellious fashion, and establishing our own traditions.

We bought our first real Christmas tree and I decorated our apartment with a specific colour scheme for the first time! Before this year, I didn’t have enough things / money to create any sort of theme. Every year, as I just put out all the decorations we owned, my husband would regale  me with stories of the colour schemes his mother would put together for Christmas when he was a child. I chose red, white and straw for my first go.

Scandinavian Christmas Decoration

Inspired by this little guy.

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The Classic Gin Martini


Gin Martini

The Martinis used in the photoshoot for the new Red Sequin Table Runner are, sadly, fakes – just boring, wistful, watery imposters. (It was 11:30 am and all I had in my tummy was a bowl of Froot Loops… it didn’t feel like a two-martini-lunch kind of day.)

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How-To: Jell-O Cube Shots

Everybody likes Jell-O shots, you see them and you know that you are going to have fun. Then you try to eat one. You look it over, examining the container to form the best plan of attack. You tip the cup and try to subtly sip it out but it doesn’t move. You wrap your lips around it and try to suck it out, you feel your dignity slipping away faster than the Jell-O. You wait until no one is looking and guide your tongue along the edge of the cup, trying to loosen the surly shot. You scrunch the cup, trying to squeeze it out into your waiting mouth; you get some of it out, but not enough to give up. You have nothing left to do but look your friend in the eye, bear down and shove your whole tongue in there, not caring when the cup slides under your upper lip, reminding everyone of that time your dog smushed his face up against the sliding glass door, but you don’t care, you defeated the jell-O shot!

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What I learned Hosting a Hanukkah Dinner

Let me start off by saying that I am not Jewish. I do not identify as any religion in particular, in fact, but if you forced me, I would say that around age five my family was asked to stop attending a Christian church because we weren’t donating enough money… so I guess I’m that. However, I recently became quite interested in religion when I started studying the ancient world and how history, politics, art, rhetoric, war and religion are so intertwined. Although I have been more investigative of Western religion, my husband has always been very keen towards Eastern religion and philosophy while my brother has consistently felt that his unique set of morals, beliefs and aspirations most closely coincide with the Jewish faith.

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