Love, Honour and Obey

At T-minus six months until our wedding, my fiancé and I have most of the ground work laid out for the planning of our reception; more important to us than the ceremony because we’ve both, independently, always viewed our future marriage as greater than our future wedding. However, now that the impending wedding date is looming, we’ve started feeling the pressure to get the ceremony situated. It would seem the biggest decision we must make regarding the ceremony, aside from the decision to marry each other, concerns the vows. Continue reading

When We Were Women

Like many North Americans, I have a fascination with the early 1950’s that, at times, borders on unhealthy. Everything from my style, to my favourite movies, to my hopes, dreams and ideals for the future have either caused or been effected by my interest in this bygone time when men were men and women were women. Sure times weren’t all great, they had rampant racism, sexism and multiple wars, but we still look back and think, ‘It was a better time’. Continue reading