Female Adornment and Image in Ancient Rome

In ancient Rome, there was but one aspect of a woman’s life that she had almost complete dominion over: how she decorated and adorned her body. Although she did, in most cases, require a man to provide articles of adornment and servants to do her hair and make-up, the Romans believed that it was a man’s responsibly to ensure his female family members’ appearances were consistent with his rank.[1] Roman women used jewellery, clothing, hairstyle and make-up to project their wealth, power, influence, rank in the community and status as an adult woman, as well as, to control their public image and how they were perceived. In essence, women used adornment to have control over their own bodies. This essay will explore how women used each category of adornment to display their wealth, rank, status and image, and how doing so was significant to their life as it gave them an opportunity to have power in their relationships, influence in their community and control their bodies in a world where nearly every part of their life was governed by a man. Continue reading

Four Days, Four Different Shower-Less Hairstyles

On a recent excursion to the great Canadian wilderness, I discovered how to remain infallibly fabulous for up to four days without access to the luxury of indoor plumbing. Before me, lied the panic-inducing task of having neat, clean-looking hair for up to four days without a real wash or any of the tools I usually have at my disposal. With nothing but my standard hair brush and three hair elastics, I managed to MacGyver four fresh and fast hair styles. Continue reading