Culturally Important Movies Every 20-something Woman Should See

I love movies. I love costumes, sets, writers, lighting and videography. When I ask my friends, “did you notice that this movie was shot in Technicolor, despite it being an outdated film type at the time?” they frequently respond, “no, why would I and why do you know that?” I am a true lover of movies; therefore, I have seen an awful lot of them. Continue reading

Oscar Special 2011

Fashion does not simply come to those who follow a trend. True sophisticated style comes only to those who possess good taste and the knowledge of what looks best on their body. This year’s Academy Awards beautifully exemplified this belief. The show-stopping stunners were not the people desperately displaying as many fads as possible, but were the brave soldiers of fashion, unafraid to stand alone, liberate a current standard or revive a classic look. Continue reading

What’s in a Name?

Once a matter of tradition, choosing a name for your baby has now become a competitive event. Whether it be obscure, newly minted, or an unusual spelling of a common name, the race to come up with the most unique name is on, but is this really the time and place to flaunt your apparent creativity? Continue reading