What I learned Hosting a Hanukkah Dinner

Let me start off by saying that I am not Jewish. I do not identify as any religion in particular, in fact, but if you forced me, I would say that around age five my family was asked to stop attending a Christian church because we weren’t donating enough money… so I guess I’m that. However, I recently became quite interested in religion when I started studying the ancient world and how history, politics, art, rhetoric, war and religion are so intertwined. Although I have been more investigative of Western religion, my husband has always been very keen towards Eastern religion and philosophy while my brother has consistently felt that his unique set of morals, beliefs and aspirations most closely coincide with the Jewish faith.

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First Weekend Apart

Four months in and still surrounded by marital bliss, my new husband and I must be apart overnight for this first time. To make matters more pout-inducing, my husband’s trip will consist of not only one night, but two – he will be spending a whole weekend back home helping his father. This personal feature article will explore my actions, feelings and experiences during the first weekend apart from my husband. Continue reading

Taking His Name II

Over the past two months, I have been trying to assume my husband’s name by changing all of my identification and information from my maiden name to my married name. The process hasn’t been too difficult but it hasn’t been too accommodating either. Some places have been easy, just click, erase and retype your new name, while others have been tedious, needing three pieces of government issue ID, at least one of which needing to be photo ID, multiple signatures, a marriage certificate, (not just the licence or Record of Solemnization of Marriage) having your picture taken and I’m pretty sure I donated my organs while I was at it. Other than the difficulties that come anytime you are dealing with a bureaucrat, assuming my husband’s name has been an easy task to accomplish on the whole, as it is not that alien of a concept for most of the clerks that have helped me, after all, most women get married at some point in their life and the majority of them do change their name afterwards. The following is a list of places you need inform of your name change. Continue reading