Culturally Important Movies Every 20-something Woman Should See

I love movies. I love costumes, sets, writers, lighting and videography. When I ask my friends, “did you notice that this movie was shot in Technicolor, despite it being an outdated film type at the time?” they frequently respond, “no, why would I and why do you know that?” I am a true lover of movies; therefore, I have seen an awful lot of them. Continue reading

Bring Back the Thighs

My earliest memory of feeling self-conscious took place when I was about six years old and being picked up from school by my father. It must have been a Friday because he was also picking up my cousin of the same age and our friend. As we buckled up our seat-belts in the backseat of the hot car I noticed something, even though the three of us were pretty close in height and weight, my thighs looked bigger than theirs. This was the beginning of a life-long insecurity about my thighs, reinforced every time I would watch my mother getting ready for a night out and listen to her complaining about the very same part of her body. Throughout my life, I have worked hard to maintain a healthy body, but all of the discipline and determination in the world couldn’t make up for the fact that I have neglected to obtain a healthy body image. The time for change is long overdue. Continue reading