Dinner Party Dessert

My husband and I bought a new couch from IKEA today. Since our Volkswagen lifestyle does not support these kinds of large purchases, we needed to enlist the help of a friend with a larger vehicle. This friend would need to do the 45 minute drive with us – both ways – as well as assist my husband with the heavy, awkward lifting of getting the new couch in and the old couch out of the apartment.

We felt that a simple “thanks, here’s some gas money,” wouldn’t cut it, so we decided to host a small dinner party to thank our helpful friend and show the new couch to the others. For dessert I made one of my specialties, Mystery Cake – the mystery ingredient is tomato soup, trust me, it’s delicious and guessing what the mystery ingredient could be is great fun for guests.

Cake Decorating

My first time doing proper printing on a cake – I was pleased with myself

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Like many women of my age and socio-economic standing, that being, young and thrifty, I love IKEA. I have opened an IKEA catalogue more times than I have opened a bible, I have the IKEA expansion pack for The Sims 2 and I thoroughly enjoyed IKEA scene in (500) Days of Summer. I often joke that IKEA is the only designer I can afford, and it’s true. I regularly draw inspiration from the IKEA showroom and catalogue in conjunction with other sources and my own personal style when decorating my home. One design trend I’ve noticed a change in from the 2010 catalogue to the 2011 is where once every picture displayed a paradigm of regimented order and organization they now depict what can only be called contrived disorder. Continue reading