My First Wrap Dress

Black Wrap Dress

I’ve always shied away from wrap dresses. I guess I thought I didn’t have the curves to pull them off. Then I read that the wrap dress silhouette might be just the thing to perfectly accommodate both my wide, structured upper body and my soft, more lush lower half, bringing harmony to my overall look.

If done correctly, no part of my outfit should look constricted, bunched, or stretched. I should look like I have freedom to move about and my hem should fall gracefully, without the fabric getting hung up anywhere. This should bring some effortlessness to my look that is in line with my casual and creative essence.

Black Wrap Dress Black Wrap DressBlack Wrap DressBlack Wrap DressBlack Wrap Dress

Dress Rachel

Basic Black

Basic Black | Sophster-Toaster Blog

I once wore this outfit out to a birthday dinner. I sat down across the table from my best friend and he immediate declared, “You look nice. You look how I imagine adults look.”

Basic Black | Sophster-Toaster Blog

I’ve never been able to decide if I love or hate this dress. The fit and quality aren’t anything special – I actually had to exchange the first one I brought home because it was sewn so poorly, and this one has its flaws, too – but I absolutely love the cut of the neckline. The basic black colour and high neckline offer a perfect blank slate for adding a detail or pop of colour when worn with a necklace or over a blouse with an interesting collar. Throwing on this dress with one good accessory makes it easy to look like a put together adult with minimal effort.

Basic Black | Sophster-Toaster Blog Basic Black | Sophster-Toaster Blog Basic Black | Sophster-Toaster Blog Basic Black | Sophster-Toaster Blog Basic Black | Sophster-Toaster Blog Basic Black | Sophster-Toaster Blog

Dress Gap
Shoes ModCloth
Necklace ModCloth

The pockets are pretty great, too.

All photos by me.

Dressing up for Halloween

Sophster-Toaster Blog

I like dressing up on Halloween but I don’t like wearing a costume. I think it’s so much more fun to go as your real self. It’s the one day when you can experiment with all the weird things you like but aren’t brave enough to wear on a normal day. Things like bright red tights, matching lipstick, cut crease eye shadow even though you have hooded eyelids so it always looks weird, white nail polish and a party dress.

Sophster-Toaster Blog Sophster-Toaster Blog Sophster-Toaster Blog

I own these things because I like them. I don’t hide them in the back of the closet all year just counting down the days, but today is the only day I can wear them all together and not worry about the stares and smiles I’ll get.

Sophster-Toaster Blog Sophster-Toaster Blog Sophster-Toaster Blog

And you know what, every year, after every experiment, I get braver. I prove to myself that I can wear something bold, something I was unsure about, and not be bothered by the girl in sweatpants and moccasins, with the birds tattooed behind her ear, looking me up and down while I wait in line at the grocery store. Every year, I find the point where the real me stands and I get to see how much farther I need to push the boundary line before I can reach her.

Sophster-Toaster Blog

Dress ModCloth (old)
Tights Target
Shoes ModCloth
Earrings Claire’s (old)
– – – – –
Lipstick Rimmel Moisture Renew in Red Alert
Nail Polish Revlon Top Speed in Spirit

Dressing up for Halloween \\

Maybe I’m not overdressed, maybe the world is simply underdressed. What’s wrong with looking like you are always on your way to a party?

All Pictures by me and Matt Harrison.