Cooking With Mitch vol. 1: Pan-Bakes and Other Recipes for Your Man

Hello ladies and gentlemen, but probably ladies, I’ve gathered you here today in the house of my god (the internet) to once again impart my manly wisdom.

They say the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, though that’s not entirely true, you’re a classy lady.

Yes, you are

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Brought to You by Improved Mental Alertness

We’ve all been there, its 5 in the morning on Monday night, or Tuesday morning, if your one of them, you’re riding your skateboard down the ramps of that six storey parking structure, 3 towns over, when you think “wow, I should probably be asleep right now”. Yes, this actually happened, and yes, I’d been drinking. Continue reading

Beauty Is In the Eye of the Consumer

Do you remember when you would wake up in the morning and get ready for school, and just when you look in the mirror, you find a large pimple right in the centre of your forehead, and oh no! It’s on photo day. Years from now people will open their yearbooks to show their friends “that kid with the zit”. Continue reading

Texting Your Pants Off: An In-Depth Look at Sexting

I heard an interesting term on the radio today, “Generation Text”. The term refers to anyone born from 1990 – 1999, and is applied to describe the dependence on cell phones displayed by youths who grew up using them. This incarnation of the term was coined by Canadian politician, Ian Scott, when he attended a concert and noticed many audience members using cell phones, (talking, texting, or recording) he also noted that they all fit into the same age bracket (early to late teens). Continue reading