With Whom to Share My Life

I sat in a red upholstered booth across from my soggy female companion, it was a rainy Saturday morning and neither of us was perky enough to cook. We had agreed that, today, someone else would be preparing our breakfast (take a second and think about that, every time you eat out, strangers touch your food). Continue reading

Texting Your Pants Off: An In-Depth Look at Sexting

I heard an interesting term on the radio today, “Generation Text”. The term refers to anyone born from 1990 – 1999, and is applied to describe the dependence on cell phones displayed by youths who grew up using them. This incarnation of the term was coined by Canadian politician, Ian Scott, when he attended a concert and noticed many audience members using cell phones, (talking, texting, or recording) he also noted that they all fit into the same age bracket (early to late teens). Continue reading

Going Public

Through out our eight year relationship, my fiancé and I have frequently disagreed on how much affection we can appropriately show each other in differing social situations. We’ve always had a fairly old-fashioned courtship, so I accepted that we were the only ones who liked to keep it G rated in public and maintained a “to each their own” attitude towards others who push the line to PG; now that my nineteen year old “little” brother has a serious girlfriend for the first time in his life and his definition of the appropriate level of affection to display in public is completely different from mine, it leaves me wondering, how much is really too much? Continue reading