Valentine’s Day Done Right

A few years ago, my husband and I discovered that we both hated buying and receiving tactless and tasteless Valentine’s Day junk and that we would both much rather stay home, cook a nice meal together, share a bottle of wine and truly enjoy each other’s company than go out and bear the packed restaurants and movie theatres. Thus, a tradition was born. Continue reading

Homemade Hot Chocolate

As the cold weather slowly encroaches upon us, we desire hot tasty beverages more and more. When November arrives in Canada, everyday without the first snowfall is a bonus that makes us feel like we are living on borrowed time before the cold winter weather arrives. It is at this time of year that we can really appreciate the romance of cuddling under a soft blanket with our husband or boyfriend while sipping some lovely hot chocolate together. Why go out in the cold to purchase that hot chocolate when you can make a more delicious hot chocolate at home? Continue reading

Ways to Stay Active in the Winter

As a Canadian, I know that I am supposed to love our long, cold winters, or at least pretend to. Many of us do legitimately embrace the winter months, looking forward to the perfect beauty of a freshly fallen snow, just pure and delicate enough to sparkle under the lunar light… at 5:30 PM. They see the ever darkening days as a sign of snowy fun to come. They bundle up and brave the wind chill, seemingly unaffected by that freezing sensation in their boots and mittens, where once healthy, soft and smooth toes and fingers existed. I am certainly not one of these people. Continue reading