Work Appropriate Summer Wears

Dressing for the office can be quite difficult in the summer. It can be hard to find the right combination of clothing to feel warm enough while sitting in an air conditioned office and cool enough while commuting in sweltering afternoon temperatures. Summer is the time for bright, colourful fabrics, the time for soft, delicate dresses and the time for freeing your legs from the tyranny of pants! No one should have to wear their dreary wool all summer long just to feel warm and conservative at work. Here are some delightful summer duds that are neither too heavy and drab, nor too light and quixotic for the workplace. Continue reading

How to: Wash Your Shoes

One spring time ritual I really look forward to is boxing up my winter boots and bringing out my summer shoes. If you are anything like me, this ritual takes place while you are in the midst of an overwhelming compulsion to make your interior as bright and fresh as the new spring time exterior, making the dinginess of your favourite summer shoes the first thing you notice as you revive them from storage. The good news is, your shoes are easier to clean than your windows, walls, ceilings and all the other places you’ve suddenly noticed are in dire need of a good bubbly scrubbing. Continue reading

Trends that Need to End – 2011 Edition

I’ve seen some things this year – scary things – and not to offend or ridicule, but offered as a friendly tip, a second opinion if you will, these are the trends that need to end this year.

Tights as Pants

Ladies, I can see everything. It is completely unbecoming. Tights are in the same family as nylons/silks and stockings, meaning they are underwear. You are walking around in your unmentionables. Are you not cold? Continue reading

Favourite Black Friday Sale – 2011

Being Canadian – and celebrating Thanksgiving over a month ago – doesn’t mean I can’t take advantage of the wonderful sales state-side this weekend. The best way for a Canadian to get in on the American deals is to shop online; and my favourite place to shop online?! From now until Sunday, November 27, is having a 50% off sale on a selection of cute dresses, shoes and accessories. Continue reading