The Birthday Sale!

Today marks the first anniversary of the Sophster-Toaster shop! It’s been an exciting year full of ridiculous goals being set and achieved. Timid goals like making my first sale and making my first sale to someone who wasn’t a supportive friend were set early and achieved… eventually. More adventurous goals like being regularly included in treasury collections and actually making a profit were then officially set and achieved after months of constant learning and perpetual improvement. Then recently, on a whim (and pressure from my father-in-law), I set the wondrously unattainable goal of having one of my items featured on the front page of Etsy and was then promptly shocked when it happened… a week later. In a curious attempt to settle once and for all the power (magic?) of setting goals, I started focusing on my shop’s international appeal with the goal of bagging my first international sale. A few weeks later, I was delighted to send three tenderly packed parcels overseas.

None of these feats, goals and exhilarations could have been attained without all of the people who took a minute to look at, love and share the beauty I strive to create everyday. So… to thank all of you lovelies, I’m having a BIG, weekend-long birthday sale to celebrate my first year and thank everyone who helped me achieve my crazy goals. Continue reading