How to Buy the Correct Size for Someone Else

Want to buy your best gal a new dress for Christmas but don’t know what size to get? Here are the top 10 tips to covertly acquire her measurements.

The Super Sneaky

  1. Skulk around her favourite shopping websites and look for her profile, she may have added her measurements.
  2. Check the tags of the dresses she already owns and go with the most repeated size. Compare this size to a sizing chart and cross-reference with another tip on this list.
    Clothing Tags

    Some will have letters, some will have numbers, some will be UK sizing and some won’t even be right.

    Clothing Tag

    Find one of these babies and you’re set for conversions.

  3. Blindfold her. Play a sexy game of tie up. Mark the circumference of her bust, waist and hip on the string/rope/what-have-you. Have a bout of evil laughter several days later while measuring it against a ruler. Continue reading

Sophster-Toaster Black Friday Sale 2012

Everything in the Sophster-Toaster Etsy shop is on sale for 15% off for Black Friday and Cyber Monday (from November 23 to 26), this includes items that are already on sale for up to 20% off the original price. The best Black Friday deal in the Sophster-Toaster shop on Etsy has to be the Sweet Secretary Dress in “Dover”.

Sophster Toaster Etsy

Continue reading

Work Appropriate Summer Wears

Dressing for the office can be quite difficult in the summer. It can be hard to find the right combination of clothing to feel warm enough while sitting in an air conditioned office and cool enough while commuting in sweltering afternoon temperatures. Summer is the time for bright, colourful fabrics, the time for soft, delicate dresses and the time for freeing your legs from the tyranny of pants! No one should have to wear their dreary wool all summer long just to feel warm and conservative at work. Here are some delightful summer duds that are neither too heavy and drab, nor too light and quixotic for the workplace. Continue reading

A Woman’s Wardrobe

The most difficult part of building a respectable, adult wardrobe, aside from the cost, is developing your own cohesive style without accumulating too many pattern, colour or structure doubles. I, for one, would have a closet full of polka dots if I brought home every garment that caught my eye. Through the many years of building a classic, timeless wardrobe on a budget, I have found that the best way to avoid saying, “I have nothing to wear” while staring eagerly at an overstuffed dresser, hoping that if you look at it just the right way, all of those rainy summer afternoons you spent with those Magic Eye books as a child would not have been in vain and you might be able to see something that wasn’t there before, is to shop by colour. Continue reading