How to Get Along with Other Women

I have always had a hard time making friends within my own gender. I see myself as a fairly feminine person, but, for some reason, I just feel more at ease and free to be myself around masculine people. I always thought that this was the key to forging bonds with other humans, feeling comfortable enough to let down your guard and be yourself, your horrible, horrible self, so you can see why I am more able to make man friends than girl friends – but it goes deeper than that. In my years long, twelve dollar, comprehensive study, I have discovered that the secret to the initial stage of making a female friend is to not be yourself, at least until you’ve tricked her into thinking you are a little bit normal. Continue reading

So you’ve Been Invited to a Wedding

Planning a wedding is a trying time for every couple. I, for one, looked at my husband-elect during the planning process and wondered if I could really spend the rest of my life with a man who couldn’t tell the difference between a very slate-like blue and a cool blue-toned gray. As you can surmise, responding to a wedding invitation incorrectly, giving a gift inadequately or dressing inappropriately, and thereby making this stressful time more difficult than it has to be, is a sure-fire way to have your friend/cousin/sister screaming at you and her mother/your aunt/your own mother bad mouthing you to anyone who compliments or congratulates her on anything concerning the wedding.

“The centrepieces are lovely.” “Yes, it really is too bad Mary didn’t tell the cashier that she was purchasing something from the registry.”

Continue reading

A Girl’s Guide to Computer Repair

We’ve all been there, after hours of procrastination, you sit down to your computer to get some work done on that big project and the compter won’t turn on. Panic sets in when you quickly realize just how much you depend on your computer for work, research, communication and entertainment. This situation is made all the more distressing for damsels who, like me, know frighteningly little about how to fix a computer. Lucky for me, whenever my computer has a problem – anywhere on the scale from minor to major –  I can turn to my computer programmer husband, pout my lips, bat my eyes and say, “muffin, it’s not working,” and he makes everything better. For those women who aren’t so fortunate, I asked my personal nerd for his best tips when facing a broken computer. Continue reading

A Girl’s Guide to Computer Maintenance

In this day and age, knowing your way around a computer can be a great asset. Unfortunately, not all of us take easily to understanding that magical box under the desk that we call our computer. If you are anything like me, you ignore it completely until it stops working. I can get away with this because I married a computer programmer, but for the rest of the world, the best way to avoid a catastrophic meltdown and the stress of finding someone to repair your computer at a reasonable price is through preventative maintenance. This week I handed my husband a tasty bottle of beer and asked him all of my computer maintenance questions, the following is what I learned. Continue reading