Royal Wedding Review

History was made on April 29, 2011 when Prince William married Kate Middleton, making them the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The wedding was full of time-honoured traditions passed down by other royals, including the white wedding dress, popularized by Queen Victoria, the presence of myrtle in the bouquet, made a must for all royal weddings after Queen Victoria included it in her own bridal bouquet and the balcony kiss, first institutionalized by Princess Diana. Continue reading

Wedding Planning IX: Flowers

For me, no symbol represents a bride quite as quintessentially as the bouquet. This probably has something to do with the miniature bouquets my mom used to make for my Barbie brides. Though, when you think about it, there really is no other time in a woman’s life that she gets to proudly carry a bouquet, than when she is participating in a wedding. There will be other times to wear elaborate dresses, and veils can still worn at funerals, but this is the only situation where a lady will have the opportunity to carry a bouquet. Continue reading