The Classic Gin Martini


Gin Martini

The Martinis used in the photoshoot for the new Red Sequin Table Runner are, sadly, fakes – just boring, wistful, watery imposters. (It was 11:30 am and all I had in my tummy was a bowl of Froot Loops… it didn’t feel like a two-martini-lunch kind of day.)

However, I do make a mean dirty martini:

  1. Start by placing two cocktail glasses in the freezer (mine are 1 oz-ers, scale the recipe accordingly).
  2. Place a handful of ice cubes in a cocktail shaker.
  3. Add ½ oz dry vermouth, 1-½ oz gin and a splash of olive brine to the shaker.
  4. Do not shake! Stir or swirl gently to combine and chill the ingredients – shaking will result in a cloudy mess and hurt feelings.
  5. Pull glasses from freezer, add 1 – 2 olives and strain your classy swill into the glass.

Sometimes, I like to keep people on their toes with jalapeno stuffed olives.