Trends that Need to End – 2011 Edition

I’ve seen some things this year – scary things – and not to offend or ridicule, but offered as a friendly tip, a second opinion if you will, these are the trends that need to end this year.

Tights as Pants

Ladies, I can see everything. It is completely unbecoming. Tights are in the same family as nylons/silks and stockings, meaning they are underwear. You are walking around in your unmentionables. Are you not cold?

Censored to preserve dignity.

The Beacon of Stupidity

The beacon of stupidity is when a female wears her hair in a bun on the top of her head. It is not a flattering or aesthetically pleasing look. I’m not sure why it is worn; maybe there is a perfectly good reason that continues to elude me. However, it is hard to see past one that is sitting in front of you in lecture, and let me tell you, this hairstyle disappears after a few weeks of class, and not because girls stop wearing their hair in this fashion.

Messy or neat, I don’t see the appeal.

“The Grubby Look”

“The Grubby Look”, as I have heard it referred to as by my peers, is when a man or woman leaves the house in clothes that should not been seen outside the home or gym. I once overheard a girl telling her friend that “the grubby look is so in right now” while she shook her fingers through her hair to tangle it up a bit, all I have to say about that is sweatpants are not a fashion statement. I wear dresses, collared shirts and cardigans to school where I sit beside people who look like they woke up out-of-doors. Of course, once I get home I throw on jeans and a T-shirt, but come on people, let’s keep the sophistication in philosophy.

Class versus crass.

Hooker Boots

Leave it to our generation to take things too far. Knee-high boots came in to vogue and one month later everyone was wearing thigh-high boots. The problem with this fashion is, if you are doing it correctly, no one will notice, but if you wear cheap, ill-fitting, black leather hooker boots with tight pale-blue jeans, as I have seen, you will look like a cheap hooker.

Doing it wrong.