Winter Skin Care Dos and Don’ts

After watching a stirring New Year’s Day marathon of Spaced, I was inspired to pay homage to one of the best television series ever made by bringing one of the few articles Daisy, a full time writer, ever got around to writing: Winter Skin Care Dos and Don’ts.

Do apply a light, oil free and preferably fragrance-free facial moisturizer everyday. The best time to apply lotion and lock in moisture is right after a shower.

Do apply a luxuriously thick body lotion on every part of your body every few days.

Do use a mild soap to avoid drying and irritating your skin.

Don’t have ridiculously hot showers or baths. Although it is tempting to have a good scalding on a cold winter night, the dry, itchy skin that results just isn’t worth it.

Do skip a shower if your skin is getting dry despite observing every other tip on this list.

Don’t shave your legs as often as you do in the summer, it doesn’t matter how fancy your razor is, every stroke is robbing your legs of moisture.

Do apply lotion to your legs after you shave them.

Do exfoliate regularly to clear up any dry, flakey skin patches.

Do apply lip balm before going outside, look for a tasty flavour with SPF.

Do use lip balm on your nose as well when it gets dry to prevent your skin from cracking.

Don’t stop using sun block. Although the sun isn’t as strong in the winter, that dimmer sunshine reflecting off all the snow is still enough to damage the delicate, exposed skin of your face and neck.

Do wear dish gloves when doing the dishes to protect your hands from the drying effects of hot water, dish soap and bleach.

Don’t over-indulge in drinking alcohol and coffee or smoking cigarettes, as they will dry out your skin.