Glasses for Soft Naturals

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I’ve gotten into the Kibbe Body Types recently and it’s unlocked a whole new way of engaging with my body and style in a really positive way. If you’re not familiar, here’s a great introduction from The Concept Wardrobe. It takes time to wrap your head around the system and untangle all the perceptions you’ve built about your body since childhood. After barking up a few wrong trees, I’ve settled into feeling right in the soft natural group.

As I understand it, a soft natural is defined by her broad, somewhat angular frame, softened with rounded facial features, soft curves and a middle height. Although we can appear small, we don’t hear the words dainty or petite thrown around often as our bone structure lends more towards a sturdy and sporty appearance. This look gives us an air of fresh innocence and casual sensuality – a classic girl next door.

A soft natural looks best in glasses that are simple, refined and light, in nature-inspired hues and textures. We tend to be easily overwhelmed by thick frames and bold colour palettes. Round lenses are harmonious with our facial features and tortoise shell brings out our natural essence. Here are my top picks for glasses for Kibbe soft naturals.

Wright in Tide Pool Tortoise


Wright has a simple shape and mass appeal. The cool-tone tortoise with flecks of blue brings a little pizazz while still being tame enough for everyday wear.

Watts in Pacific Crystal


Watts is probably my favourite. I love a minimalist, clear frame with the tiniest pop of colour. The oversized, round lenses are balanced by delicate temple arms.

Blakeley in Violet Magnolia


Blakeley brings a bit of angularity to the round look. The frames are textured and vibrant while being slim, lightweight and refined.

Sadie in Oak Barrel


Sadie injects a little more cat-eye femininity with those soft, round lenses that compliment us so well. I love the academic look these frames could bring to an outfit.

Duncan in Oak Barrel with Riesling


Duncan has a 90’s throwback appeal and a very light and minimal wire frame. The warm tortoise shell is subtle and down-to-earth. A soft charm.

Gillian in Nutmeg Crystal


Gillian has bigger lenses offset by thin acetate in a barely there tone. If, like me, you’re a fan of big glasses that blend into your view, these are perfect.