DIY Saturday I: Refinishing an Old Mirror

This week I decided to take an old, ugly mirror and make it pretty enough to fit in with my gorgeous new apartment. The mirror was bought by my mother over a decade ago because she thought it would match the decorating scheme of my teenage bedroom. It didn’t. It continued its streak of not matching anything I own through a couple more bedrooms until last week, when I figured that enough was enough and went shopping for a replacement. After not being able to find anything suitable (and non-ugly) at a price I was willing to pay, I came to the cold, hard realization that this mirror was going to follow me to the ends of the Earth. This is when I decided that I would try painting it, because chances were slim that it would come out looking worse.

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Wedding Planning VIII: Wedding Invitations

Many couples today are following the trend of making their own wedding invitations using do-it-yourself kits, and why not, you can buy any pone of the multitudes of pretty designs, write exactly what you want and conform to no man – all at a fraction of the price of sending them out to be professionally done. For me, finding the perfect wedding invitation kit was almost as emotional as finding the perfect wedding dress. It took me forever to make a decision, fearing that I would settle for one style only to find one I liked better the next day. Of course this fear was realised every time I stepped into the wedding isle of my local craft supply store to pick up another item for the wedding. Eventually I had to say to myself, “the invitations you picked have pleased your mother, the toughest battle has been won,” and stop worrying that a more perfect option would or had come around. Aside from this inevitable circumstance, the whole process was a primarily positive experience. I would recommend this option to any bride on a budget. Continue reading