Wedding Day Remix

When I got married, over four years ago, I was adamant about not over-spending. I didn’t want to cheap out, I wanted everything to be high quality, eco-friendly and ethically produced, like everything I buy, I just didn’t want anything to be over-the-top, over budget or unnecessary. I asked that my bridesmaids pay for their own dresses, so we found some $50 dresses from ModCloth that were actually re-wearable – I bought one for myself in a different colour a few months later. They were also responsible for their own shoes and accessories so they chose their own shoes and I gave each of them a necklace as a bridesmaid gift during the rehearsal dinner. I thought I was a fair and just ruler.

The bridesmaids’ dresses were one of the first choices and purchases made during the wedding planning process and set the trend of reusability. I still have some of the vases we bought for the centrepieces, I have some flowers in one of them right now. I keep sewing supplies in the little jars we used for our wedding favours (and I spotted my mother-in-law using them for spices). I wear my wedding day shoes all the time in the spring and summer, they are starting to get a bit shabby actually.

Wedding Day Remix \\ Sophster-Toaster Blog

I was quite concerned with the one-time-wear aspect of my wedding dress. Before I made the big choice, I researched the traditions and tricks for re-wearing wedding dresses throughout history. I learned that Queen Victoria repurposed her wedding lace and wore it to special occasions. She even got two more wears out of her wedding veil! Some women were able to dye their dress a different colour and get a few more wears out of it, but that was before the time of extravagant, somewhat anachronistic, dresses. Today, traditional wedding dresses are pretty obvious. There aren’t many opportunities for the average woman to wear sparkly, tulle laden, floor length gowns these days. So I chose a relatively inexpensive dress (my dad was paying so I didn’t want to stress him out with a large bill) and passed it on to another bride on a tight budget after I’d had time to say a proper goodbye.

Wedding Day Remix \\ Sophster-Toaster Blog

All of my wedding day jewellery fit in to the something old or something borrowed categories. I chose my favourites, so of course I still get lots of daily use out of them.

Wedding Day Remix \\ Sophster-Toaster Blog

The shoes were my one big splurge. My dad, knowing I had been a shoe lover all my life, offered to pay for them and was the one who told me to “go for it” and get the shoes of my dreams. When I showed up on the day in a tea length dress that really showcased these not-an-obvious pick shoes, my granny was happy to inform me that everyone was quite pleased with how I had managed to stay true to myself with my wedding day style. If I had gone with what was popular at the time I was married – super expensive silver satin shoes with giant blue rhinestones and “I DO” written on the soles – I’d look quite the fool attempting to wear them in the produce aisle.

Dress Sophster-Toaster
Petticoat ModCloth (similar)
Shoes ModCloth (old)
Jewellery very old

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

I don’t know how anyone could be happy and relaxed on their wedding day without a team of bridesmaids. I had two for my small, 35 person wedding and I know for a fact that I would not have been able to enjoy the day if it hadn’t been for them. They did my hair and make-up, helped me put together all of the flowers, took lots of pictures, politely asked strangers to get out of the background of my wedding pictures, corralled many a difficult family member, told me when it was time to fix my make-up, took care of the guests after my new husband and I retired to our hotel room and made sure that anything I had forgotten was taken care of. Bridesmaids make you feel like you are a queen with a bevy of ladies-in-waiting to tend to your every need, if only for one day. They work harder than anyone else for months leading up to the wedding and handle your stressed-out mood swings without a single complaint. They aren’t your mother or your sisters, they don’t have to put up with you when you lash out over an incorrect measurement or fall to pieces over a broken nail, but they stand by you, they smile and hold your hand on one of the scariest days of your life – because they are your friend.

Gifts They Can Use on the Day:

Coordinated Clutches from Lost in Time Inc. on Etsy

Coordinated Clutches from Lost in Time Inc. on Etsy

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Alternative Guest Book Ideas

When planning a wedding, it seems that every decision is a battle to come up with the most unique, creative, avant-garde solution – the more unexpected, the better. For instance, today, the guest book doesn’t necessarily have to be a book; in fact, I’ve only ever seen one that was. This opens up an infinitely expanding realm of options. This week, I bring you a list of exciting guest book ideas I’ve seen at friends’ weddings or wish I had thought of for my own wedding. Continue reading

Tips on Tipping

Anyone who, like me, has ever been an underpaid, under-appreciated member of the service industry knows how awesome it is to get a tip from a happy customer. Not only can that tip mean the difference between eating tonight and not, it can also make a terrible job more tolerable when you know that someone appreciates your commitment to providing the best service possible to each and every customer. However, when on the other side of the relationship, rewarding someone for a job well done is not quite so clear and simple; the line between thanking and insulting can be very thin. Some professions do not expect a tip, some see a tip as trivializing their work and some see tipping too low more insulting that not tipping at all. How can we be sure that our intended gratitude will be interpreted correctly? Continue reading