Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

I don’t know how anyone could be happy and relaxed on their wedding day without a team of bridesmaids. I had two for my small, 35 person wedding and I know for a fact that I would not have been able to enjoy the day if it hadn’t been for them. They did my hair and make-up, helped me put together all of the flowers, took lots of pictures, politely asked strangers to get out of the background of my wedding pictures, corralled many a difficult family member, told me when it was time to fix my make-up, took care of the guests after my new husband and I retired to our hotel room and made sure that anything I had forgotten was taken care of. Bridesmaids make you feel like you are a queen with a bevy of ladies-in-waiting to tend to your every need, if only for one day. They work harder than anyone else for months leading up to the wedding and handle your stressed-out mood swings without a single complaint. They aren’t your mother or your sisters, they don’t have to put up with you when you lash out over an incorrect measurement or fall to pieces over a broken nail, but they stand by you, they smile and hold your hand on one of the scariest days of your life – because they are your friend.

Gifts They Can Use on the Day:

Coordinated Clutches from Lost in Time Inc. on Etsy

Coordinated Clutches from Lost in Time Inc. on Etsy

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Royal Wedding Review

History was made on April 29, 2011 when Prince William married Kate Middleton, making them the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The wedding was full of time-honoured traditions passed down by other royals, including the white wedding dress, popularized by Queen Victoria, the presence of myrtle in the bouquet, made a must for all royal weddings after Queen Victoria included it in her own bridal bouquet and the balcony kiss, first institutionalized by Princess Diana. Continue reading

The Timeless Tradition of Bridesmaids

Today, bridesmaids are no longer actual servants or ladies-in-waiting to the bride, yet many of the traditions we observe today are holdovers from these bygone days. These customs have become less strict with every passing generation, now they function best as a guide for choosing your bridesmaids which you can opt in and out of at any level of formality. Continue reading