A More Glamorous Life

A woman wearing a floral nightgown and reading a novel.

I want to live a more glamorous life. I want to slow down and lounge in luxurious nightgowns all day. I want to fill my house with flowers, freshly cut from my own garden. I want to read books, make art, drink tea and not always know what’s going on outside of my little community. I want to be hard to reach. I want to be mysterious.

A woman in a floral nightgown with violets in her hair. A woman in a nightgown, standing in front of a window, opening the curtains. A woman in a floral nightgown, sitting in bed with a book. A woman in a floral nightgown, putting on glasses to read a book.

Nightgown Sophster-Toaster

A woman in a floral nightgown, standing in a bedroom.