Wedding Planning VI: Bridal Registry

With our wedding less than four months away, the time for the really exciting and stressful aspects of planning a wedding has arrived. The one wedding preparation my fiancé and I have been eagerly awaiting since the night he proposed is registering for our wedding gifts. Continue reading

Wedding Planning V: Officiant

When planning a wedding, finding an officiant is by far the most crucial task to tick off your to-do list, for without them your wedding ceremony will not be legal. With the importance which this person carries, finding them should be your first action; unfortunately, there are many steps you must take before one of these people will even sit down to talk with you. Continue reading

Wedding Planning IV: The Reception

The most important and expensive stage of planning a wedding is not ordering the dress, choosing the wedding bands or booking the photographer – it’s selecting the reception venue. When you pick your venue, you’re not only choosing a location, you are choosing the chef/caterer, co-ordinators, and theme that come with the venue. It’s a grand decision, and it’s going to consume the largest portion of your budget. Continue reading

Wedding Planning III

Unless you have a ridiculous amount of money and a creepily well-behaved and accommodating family, your plans will be dashed several times before you reach the ultimate, official plan. You will go through The Little-Girl’s-Dream Plan, The Budget-Reality Plan, The Trying-to-Please-Everyone Plan, The There’s-No-Pleasing-Them- Let’s-Just-Do-What-We-Want plan, The This-is-The-Final-Plan Plan and finally The Official Plan, which is the one you actually see come to life on that certain day. My Fiancé and I have at last, come to that last plan and there is no turning back. Continue reading