How to Make a Hair Bow

Hair bows are a good beginner project, with straight lines both cut and sewn, the hardest part is not gluing the bow to your hand at the end!

Hair Bow How To

How to Make a Hair Bow

Supplies Needed

  • Stiff, sturdy, medium – lightweight fabrics work best; 100% cotton fabrics in quilting/apparel weight or poly-cotton broadcloths are ideal. I used a 100% cotton poplin for the tutorial with great results. (A fat quarter makes approximately four bows.)
  • thread in matching colour
  • hair clip
  • hot glue gun (and glue)
  • paper/cardboard for making pattern

Step 1

Make your pattern by cutting a 7½” x 8½” rectangle and a 1¾” x 3″ rectangle out of cardboard or scrap paper. These rectangles will become the bow and the loop that holds everything in place.

Hair Bow How To

Having a pattern makes it easier to make more!

Step 2

Using your pattern, place the large rectangle on the fabric with the shorter side with the grain of the fabric and cut. Place the small rectangle on the bias for a stretchier loop, or with the longer side with the grain if you don’t want to disrupt the print, cut.


Hair Bow How To

Observing the grainline will ensure that printed fabrics come out right.

Step 3

With right sides together, fold large rectangle in half lengthwise and sew long ends together with a ¼” seam. Repeat for small rectangle.

Hair Bow How To

“Right sides together” means the pattern on a printed fabric is on the inside.

Step 4

Turn both rectangles out, centre the seam horizontally, fold in half again and sew raw edge together with ¼” seam for large rectangle, 3/8″ seam for the small rectangle. Be sure to back stitch these seams. Trim small rectangle to ¼”.

Hair Bow How To

Sewing at 3/8″ provides a stronger seam, trimming helps the loop lay flat.

Step 5

Turn out again, centre the seam vertically with open ends at top and bottom and starting with a fold down the centre, fold however you like to form the bow. Slip the loop over the end and position in the middle of the bow.

Hair Bow How To

This is how I fold my bows, but there are other ways.

Step 6

Using a hot glue gun, glue a clip to the loop at the back of the bow.

Hair Bow How To

Use a small dab of glue so it won’t show.

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