What I’m Working On This Week: 17/03/14

I tried to embrace winter this year, even though I’ve always hated it. I thought it would be easy since I’m currently living somewhere warmer and less snowy than where I grew up, but then this year turned out to be the coldest, snowiest winter my landlord, who has been living in the area for 50+ years, can remember! With this terribly bleak and bitter winter, filled with snow storms and freezing rain, having followed a particularly brief and cool summer, I can’t remember a time I’ve been more anxious to see spring return.

Though spring hasn’t quite appeared in my part of the world yet (the husband had a snow day last week) this Thursday is technically the first day of spring. I will be marking the vernal equinox with the end of The Winter Clearance Sale and the introduction of the new shop and social media theme for spring. Come Thursday, the icy pastels of post-Christmas winter will be replaced by bright and vibrant colours for spring.

Pink Strawberry Milkshake Dress | Sophster-Toaster #Bacon Dress Creamsicle Polka Dot Half Apron

This week, I will be working on the first of three dresses planned for spring: The Belle Jumper, which will be part of the Disney Day Dress Collection. I’m hoping to have it listed by this weekend.

Also new for spring, I will be welcoming a guest blogger. My friend Sarah works in the exciting world of things she can’t legally talk about, mostly involving geography and technology. She also started up a neat little app making business called Manic North with two other friends of ours. She usually writes app reviews for them but, luckily for us, she casually mentioned one night during our Masters of Sex TV date that she has a bunch of great apps she would like to review but thought they were too female oriented to find a place on her usual blog. Well, I swooped in –  some light squawking may have occurred – and gallantly claimed them for Sophster-Toaster. I figured you guys would find technology reviews written by a woman highly informative, entertaining, and frankly, refreshing.

So that’s what we have to look forward to… yay spring!

Featured Items:

The Milkshake Dress in Strawberry
The Bacon Dress
The Creamsicle Half Apron