My Nautical Bathroom Decorating Scheme

At the end of the month I will finally be moving from my small one bedroom apartment to a sprawling two bedroom in a converted 150 year old mansion, which, where I live, means an old Victorian house that is maybe the size of a new build, if you include its many additions. I am very excited for the new apartment; it has a few features that I am not accustomed to, like hallways, a pantry, proper kitchen ventilation, windows in every room, heat in the bathroom and a nearly formal front entrance-way.  But most importantly of all (for me at least) is that it has two bathrooms, which is a first for me, meaning that I only have enough items to decorate one bathroom. It gets even better, one of those bathrooms has navy tile in the shower that just beckons me to decorate it in a nautical theme.

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Green Apartment Living

When living in an apartment you can’t exactly install a solar panel, which is just about the grandest gesture of environmental responsibility someone can make right now, or buy energy efficient appliances. This hindrance doesn’t mean you have to forsake Mother Earth during this stage of your life. There are countless options still available to the green apartment dweller. Continue reading