My Dog Ate It

My Dog Ate It | Sophster-Toaster

Pepper has always been quite the little troublemaker. We were lucky enough to survive both of the puppy chewing phases without too much damage to our house or anything we love. We lost most of our cardboard coasters, a few water glasses that got in the way of her forbidden coaster love, and we need to repaint some trim and windowsills but we managed to through it without her destroying anything major. The one thing she did get, however, was a book I forgot to put away one day – and it broke my heart.

My Dog Ate It | Sophster-Toaster

It wasn’t a rare or vintage book, just a pretty, hardcover copy of Jane Austen’s Emma, but I was still upset by the lost. Pepper got a hold of it while I was working upstairs, roughed the covers up pretty badly, chewed all the pages and ripped some of them out. I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away and it was in no condition to be donated to anything other than an art project.

My Dog Ate It | Sophster-Toaster

I replaced the book when I saw it on sale and held onto the destroyed version with the hope that I could use it for something. The other day I finally found a project. I pulled some of the remaining pages out and taped them up in my work room to use as a backdrop for pictures. I’m really happy with how it turned out and so pleased that the book has lived on in another form.

My Dog Ate It | Sophster-Toaster My Dog Ate It | Sophster-Toaster My Dog Ate It | Sophster-Toaster My Dog Ate It | Sophster-Toaster My Dog Ate It | Sophster-Toaster My Dog Ate It | Sophster-Toaster

Jumper Mod Dolly
Sweater L.L.Bean
Nylons Target
Slippers White Noise Maker
Barrette old

All photos by me.


Valentine’s Day Birthday, Part I

I think this will be the best year of my life. We’re only two weeks into February — one week away from my 27th birthday — and the hubs and I already have big things coming together for 2015. My husband is moments away from inheriting a cottage in Northern Ontario that has been in his family since the 1920’s (don’t get the wrong idea, it’s a money-pit) with intentions of rescuing it from back tax limbo and restoring it to it’s former charm and I achieved a big goal of seeing something I made in a for-real, brick-and-mortar shop window when Craft Arts Market opened up a few blocks from my house, just to name a couple. When I was a child, I always thought 27 was the best age a person could be. I felt it so strongly that the feeling alone has survived in my memory far longer than the reason why I felt it. I can’t believe I’m finally here. I think it’s time to plan the celebrations.

Building a Backdrop \\ Sophster-Toaster

With a birthday that always seems to land on the same weekend as Valentine’s Day, I don’t think I’m ever had a birthday party colour scheme other than red, pink and white or a theme other than today is also Valentine’s Day. This year, I’m branching out. I’ve chosen pink, orange and gold as my decoration colours and the theme of … birthday party. Alright, I’m not great at themes.

I’ve spent the last two weeks making my invitations and decorations, and planning food, drinks and furniture arrangement. For the most part, I’m treading in unfamiliar waters and choosing nondescript seasonal decorations and food ideas over festive ones. However, there is one tradition, started by my mother, that I have never gone a year without and have decided to continue, with restraint: there will be one heart…

Heart Backdrop \\ Sophster-Toaster

… and I’m making it a big one. (Find the DIY I used to make the backdrop here.)

Building a Heart Backdrop \\ Sophster-Toaster

Valentine's Date Outfit \\ Sophster-ToasterBow Tie \\ Sophster-ToasterValentine's Day Outfit \\ Sophster-ToasterPoetic Licence Heel \\ Sophster-Toaster

Dress: Modcloth // Bow Tie: Sophster-Toaster // Tights: H&M // Socks: The Green Room (old) // Shoes: Modcloth (old) // Hair Clip: H&M (old) // Earrings: Modcloth (old) // Bracelet: Sweet Auburn Studio

Chair is Ikea.

Into the Woods

I’ve had a lot of fun planning and building backdrops for my Etsy listing photos recently. I’ve had this idea for fall photoshoots since late August but had to wait six long weeks for the leaves on the stubborn trees in this warmer-than-average microclimate that I call home to finally start falling. As the trees began to look bare for my family back home (a whole two hours South-West from where I live now) summer decidedly faded into Indian summer here, so I put on my sleeveless, flannel top – a bit of a clothing oxymoron, but perfect for this climate – and spent an hour in the forest collecting leaves like a crazy person.

Autumn Leaves Photo Backdrop Continue reading