What I’m Working On This Week: 18/11/13

Last week, I was inspired to step up my packaging game. I read an article written by a former UPS employee detailing why some packages arrive damaged or get lost in the mail system. One tip they offered was to make your packaging pretty or unique to give the handler reason to treat it just a little bit better than the thousands of others being tossed about. Taking this tip to heart, I designed a simple logo and commissioned a custom stamp from the amazing Meagan Lewis at Brown Pigeon, it was finished on Friday and is currently in the mail.┬áThis week’s goal is to source some eco-friendly boxes to brand and decorate with the new logo stamp, instead of using recycled boxes that have lost their charm. I also hope to use the new stamp on the Kraft paper bubble envelopes I’ve recently switched to.

Sophster-Toaster Logo

Look for the new stamp on your pretty Black Friday steals.
(Photo from Brown Pigeon)

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