Study on Women who have Children in Rapid Succession


As an as-of-yet childless woman in my childbearing years, I have often looked at my culture and wondered why so many couples are having children in such rapid succession, by which I mean, having two or more children in as many years; announcing the expectation of the second child at the party for the first birthday of the first child. Continue reading

The Media Wants Me to Have a Baby

It has finally happened. I’ve hit that inevitable age, where despite all logic, the biological clock has gone from a lingering whisper to an audible scream. Although I will not be putting any buns in my oven any time soon, I have become acutely aware of just how many times in a day I am bombarded with all things baby. I recently conducted a formal study to see if it was just me, seeing babies everywhere because it is on my mind, or if the media really was trying to shove them down my throat, figuratively, of course. Continue reading