Beauty Is In the Eye of the Consumer

Do you remember when you would wake up in the morning and get ready for school, and just when you look in the mirror, you find a large pimple right in the centre of your forehead, and oh no! It’s on photo day. Years from now people will open their yearbooks to show their friends “that kid with the zit”. Continue reading

Why Get Married?

I grew up with a father telling me “a baby is no reason to get married,” and a mother, married to him, telling me “the only reason to get married is if you want to have children.” Conflicting life lessons aside, they both have strong and valid points. With my own wedding only one week away and no bun in my oven, I, as I’m sure many other couples have, am wondering, why get married in this day and age, in a society that no longer deems is necessary? Continue reading

The Media Wants Me to Have a Baby

It has finally happened. I’ve hit that inevitable age, where despite all logic, the biological clock has gone from a lingering whisper to an audible scream. Although I will not be putting any buns in my oven any time soon, I have become acutely aware of just how many times in a day I am bombarded with all things baby. I recently conducted a formal study to see if it was just me, seeing babies everywhere because it is on my mind, or if the media really was trying to shove them down my throat, figuratively, of course. Continue reading