Queen Elizabeth

On March 23, 2011 we lost an icon. Elizabeth Taylor was a Hollywood giant, known for her fashion, jewellery and tragic desire for happiness.

Her look was so classic 1950’s that you have to wonder, was she following the trend, or was the trend following her?

She dressed like every day was the most glamorous day of her life.

Elizabeth Taylor was a style icon for many women. This includes my Grandmother, who has styled her dark hair just like Elizabeth’s for as long as I can remember.

Her first big role was in Giant in 1956.

She became a sex symbol after staring in 1958’s Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

Elizabeth was the first actress to earn one million dollars for a single role when she signed on for Cleopatra in 1960.

Krupp Diamond

It’s no secret that Elizabeth Taylor loved jewellery. The two more famous pieces of jewellery she owned were the Krupp Diamond, a ring given to her by two-time husband Richard Burton, and the Taylor-Burton Diamond, a necklace also given to her by Richard Burton.

Taylor-Burton Diamond

Elizabeth Taylor will be forever remembered for her legendary beauty, grace and glamour.