Back to School: Best Shoes for University

I love shoes, especially pretty, cute, impractical ones, but despite attending a medium sized university, I do a lot of walking in a day. You see, my school was build in the 1960’s and, therefore, was build like a maze to aid in riot control – seriously – this, coupled with the fact that I am cheap enough to park half a kilometre further away to save a hundred dollars, equates to a rough day for my feet. However, do to a possible personality flaw, I am not willing to sacrifice my style to wear comfortable skate shoes or flip-flops everyday. For everyone else who is in the same boat as me, hopefully one that comes with a first mate who isn’t stingy with the foot rubs, here are my recommendations for back to university footwear. Continue reading

Registering for The Dream

My fiancé and I had planned on registering for our wedding gifts at two different stores from the beginning of our wedding planning venture. We love cooking and entertaining so we knew we wanted to register at a one of a kind, one hundred year old kitchen and entertaining institution located in the heart of our quaint hometown. This poses an immediate problem as several of our guests won’t be coming from our distant hometown. To solve this problem we decided we would register at a national chain store in addition to the boutique shop with only one obscure location. For many reasons, including the old, ‘this used to be better,’ we decided to not register at the small town store and register only at the national chain department store. This large well known store is The Bay, it was one of the first department stores in Canada, and therefore, just about every city has at least one. They also boast being “Canada’s biggest and best gift registry.” These facts left us feeling pretty confident that we would be able to find everything we had ever wanted or needed with this one store – we were sorely mistaken. Continue reading

Wedding Planning VI: Bridal Registry

With our wedding less than four months away, the time for the really exciting and stressful aspects of planning a wedding has arrived. The one wedding preparation my fiancé and I have been eagerly awaiting since the night he proposed is registering for our wedding gifts. Continue reading