How to Plan a Dinner Party

Tis’ the season for dinner parties! Oh how I adore throwing a perfect dinner party. The friends, the cooking, the cocktails, the table setting; I was born to throw dinner parties, but they are not as fun, easy and carefree as a good hostess makes them look. Here are my 8 steps to planning a spectacular dinner party, bon appétit and bonne chance! Continue reading

Can You Set the Table, Dear?

From the time I first entered my adult life until now, I have watched the traditional consistencies of my Christmases past fade away – as every holiday I have witnessed henceforth has been celebrated in a delightfully strange new way. From family members leaving us and joining us to graduating from the kids table to embracing a new family of in-laws, the way the holidays are celebrated by the modern twenty-something is ever-changing, spawning new and unique experiences and soon-to-be traditions every year. What if this is the year you find out you have gotten that big promotion to table setter as your grandmother hands you a weird briefcase full of her finest silverware, or it’s your first time dining with a boyfriend’s family and they have their own customs, different from that of your family, or, scariest of all, it’s your first time hosting? Luckily, we have cultural standards to rely on and save us from the embarrassment that comes from our inexperience. Continue reading