In Like a Lamb

In Like a Lamb | Sophster-Toaster

After two cold and stormy springs that had me in mittens until May, it looks like our luck is turning around and we’re going to get a sweet and soft spring this year. March arrived with warm sunshine and gentle breezes and has only had a few dips into wintery weather since. Even this snowy day couldn’t stop me from pulling some choice spring dresses from their spare closet cocoon and declaring it Canadian t-shirt weather.

In Like a Lamb | Sophster-Toaster In Like a Lamb | Sophster-Toaster In Like a Lamb | Sophster-Toaster In Like a Lamb | Sophster-Toaster In Like a Lamb | Sophster-Toaster

Glasses Warby Parker
Earrings Just A Little This That (other colours)
T-shirt Sophster-Toaster
Pants Angry Rabbit
Boots L.L.Bean

All photos by me.

Overbooked Day to Night

I find it so hard to dress for this time of year. There are so many things to do and so many obligations and expectations to meet – both those I look forward to and those I don’t – that choosing an outfit for all the things I’ll do in a day can seem impossible. The last thing I need to add to an over-packed schedule is extra loads of laundry, but choosing a tree from a slushy parking lot, getting it home and decorated in the same thing you plan to wear out to dinner with your friends can be inconvenient in its own ways. The best compromise is to pick one or two key items to dress down for day then up for night.

With this in mind, I styled my new Vixen Skirt two ways with a day to night switch. Then I quickly tucked it into my personal clothing collection.

Tea T Shirt - Sophster-Toaster
The Vixen Skirt - Sophster-Toaster Tea T Shirt - Sophster-ToasterTea

T Shirt: Sophster-Toaster / Skirt: Sophster-Toaster / Tights: Target / Shoes: ModCloth

The Vixen Skirt - Sophster-ToasterThe Vixen Skirt - Sophster-Toaster Day to Night - Sophster-ToasterThe Vixen Skirt - Sophster-Toaster

Earings: old / Necklace: gift / Shirt: H&M / Skirt: Sophster-Toaster / Petticoat: ModCloth / Tights: Target / Shoes: ModCloth