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Team No Fun | Sophster-Toaster

My newest hand silk screened t-shirt is the Team No Fun tee! A sporty baseball tee in black and heather charcoal, this new shirt is inspired by roller derby NSO’s (non-skating officials), who wear dark colours and aren’t allowed to cheer or “have fun” while performing the essential tasks that run our games.

Having performed just some of the many things these officials do, I know how hard it is. They track players, penalties and stats, run the penalty box, time jams and periods, keep score, and keep everyone organized, all while blending into the background. We couldn’t skate without them; it’s a very important job and, in our league, these people are all volunteers! They are so crucial to our sport and community, that they form their own team: Team No Fun.

Team No Fun | Sophster-Toaster Team No Fun | Sophster-Toaster Team No Fun | Sophster-Toaster

Tee Sophster-Toaster
Glasses Warby Parker
Shoes Keds

Team No Fun | Sophster-Toaster

All photos by me.

Want to see what it takes to be an NSO, or just catch one of our bouts? Find our schedule here.