Wedding Planning I: The Dress

Whether you have an engagement or a wedding in your near future or not, you’ve probably daydreamed about what your wedding dress would be like. A tool that I’ve found to be particularly useful in bringing my daydreams to life is the gown search on the website of Kleinfeld Bridal, home of TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress.

wedding dress
Bateau, a-line wedding dress available at Kleinfeld Bridal

As I live approximately seven hours away from the store, and have a strict budget, I will most likely not visit the actual store, but seeing as how they have the largest selection of wedding gowns in the known universe, it is still an excellent place to start the search. When I first became engaged, I had an idea of what I wanted my wedding dress to look like, but I had no knowledge of what was out there or even what jargon I should use to describe what I had in mind. To avoid being overwhelmed and embarrassed the first time I strolled into a bridal store I began my search online. Although it only provides price ranges, the Kleinfeld website was by far the best source of information for a clueless bride like me.

wedding dress
V-neck, ball gown wedding dress available at Kleinfeld Bridal

The first option in the gown search checklist is designers. Knowing nothing about this field I left the “all” designers box checked. I was then able to narrow my search by silhouette, neckline, waistline, straps and sleeves and price. They provide many options and show you a small picture of what each option means before you select it, which I found extremely helpful, not knowing what many of these words were describing. The gown search produces terrific pictures of their dresses, as well as details on fabric used, style criteria and designer information.

wedding dress
Sweetheart, a-line wedding dress available at Kleinfeld Bridal

Using this search tool helped me learn not only what I did and did not like, but also what to call the styles that I did like. This website also lets you save the information on the dresses that strike you as something special and encourages you to bring this list with you to the sore. Although I will be going to a different store, I still plan to carry this list with me. That way, if the stores I visit don’t carry the specific dress, they may be able to find something that has one or more aspects of the desired dress in another that they do carry.

Plus it’s great fun to dream about trying all of these beautiful dresses on, whether you are getting married or not.